How Obesity Treatment Should Be?

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One of the most important problems of new times is “excess weight” or “obesity” with its scientific name.

As we consider the burdens of being overweight with co-morbidities on our body, it becomes much more important to be aware of treatment options.

Although obesity may seem like a social problem for some, it primarily threatens our health; in addition to the serious problems it creates in the body, it can cause many acute or chronic fatal diseases.

In addition to causing an aesthetically undesirable appearance, it also causes psychological problems. However, the most important risk factor starts with the emergence of co-morbidities caused by being overweight.

It is not our intention to scare you!
Because we know that it is possible to treat obesity.

One of the most important conditions of being a healthy individual is to eat right and maintain your ideal weight.

For this, it is important to listen to your dietitian and, if necessary, to evaluate treatment options under the supervision of specialist physicians.

If you have an obesity problem, you should focus on the solution instead of delaying the problem and threatening your health.

Obesity is a chronic disease that can seriously reduce the quality of life.
Yes, it can be treated.

Obesity treatment should be individualized. In the treatment of obesity; different methods such as medical nutrition (diet) therapy, exercise therapy, behavior change therapy, drug therapy, surgical therapy are applied.

If there is a chance of success with diet programs, this is possible with personalized nutrition programs.
Well, despite different diet programs, no results can be obtained, what should be done?
Here, some treatment methods called "bariatric surgery" may be required.

How and in which cases these methods such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric reduction surgery will be applied should be decided in the light of a detailed examination performed by specialists in the relevant field.

Studies have shown that the rate of permanent weight loss with non-surgical methods in the treatment of morbid obesity is around 2%.

Today, the permanent and effective treatment of morbid obesity is surgery.

Obesity treatment is possible with the right teamwork that the patient will also adopt.

The result is achieved with a complete "team play".

A team consisting of endocrinology, general surgery, psychiatry and dietician should evaluate the patient and determine the treatment method.

Permanent Treatment of Obesity is Surgical Applications

While less success is achieved with diet and exercise in the treatment of obesity, this rate is higher in surgery. Bariatric surgery not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the person, but also contributes positively to the quality of life.

For this reason, it is very important to achieve permanent weight loss with surgery against diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, psychological disorders and sleep apnea.

In bariatric surgery, the method is determined individually. Patients can return to their work and social lives as soon as possible after a comfortable surgery process, and they can reach their ideal weight with proper planning.

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