Bariatric Surgery Step-By-Step

Let us experience the bariatric surgery step by step

Although you are overweight, neither diet nor sports could be the solution for you, you talked to your doctor and decided to have bariatric surgery.

You are thinking “what will happen to me”.

We would like to explain to you the bariatric surgery step-by-step, in a manner of speaking, to make you experience the surgery beforehand. Remember, you are not alone at any stage of this operation.

Step 1

Our patient coordinator is waiting for you to contact!

Before bariatric surgery, you can get information from our patient coordinator and direct all your questions. You can contact our patient coordinator at +905338439775 at any time. 

In the preliminary interview, your "Body Mass Index" will be calculated, all your health data will be taken, treatment options will be shared, and the most suitable method will be determined for you after a comprehensive control.

Are you still worried?
Then you have the opportunity to find answers to all question marks by interviewing our surgeon online.

Before the operation, your personal health information will be examined in detail by our doctors and your suitability for the operation will be checked.

Medical approval will be given by our specialist physicians and the appropriate time for surgery will be determined together with you.

Step 2

We meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel.

We are with you from the first moment you set foot on the island after a blue voyage to Cyprus. You will be greeted with your name at the airport exit gate, your luggage will be collected, your transfer will be made with our VIP vehicle, and you will be brought to your hotel.

You will be our guest in Cyprus for 9 nights and 10 days. Our patient coordinators will patiently listen to all your needs and provide you with the necessary support.

Step 3

Time to meet and test with your doctor Varol Esatoğlu

Being in close communication with your surgeon and patient coordinator during the preparation process before the operation is the first rule for a comfortable and successful operation. The trust you will have in your doctor will be the most important step in a new life. It should be noted that surgery alone is not a solution. You are starting a new life and now is the time for change. Being supported by a professional team in this process will increase the success rates.

We will request from you to stay a little bit hungry in the morning for the first tests.
Our driver will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning and bring you to our hospital.
Afterwards, you will meet with our surgeon and our team, read and approve the necessary documents related to your operation, and then your tests will be initiated.

In order to review your compliance with the treatment, we will perform the following tests:

  • Blood tests

  • PFT (Respiratory Function Test)

  • ECG (Heart X-ray)

  • Chest X-ray

  • Whole Abdominal USG

Gastric evaluation will be done with endoscopy before surgery for possible gastric pathologies.

If there are co-morbidities, additional tests may be requested.
Because for us, your health is very, very important.

After the tests, endocrinology, chest diseases, cardiology, psychology units will evaluate your tests.

Finally, necessary checks will be made by the anesthesiologist together with the reports of all doctors.

The anesthesiologist determines risks beforehand by searching for answers to questions such as “Is there any obstacle for the patient to receive anesthesia? If any, what precautions should be taken?”. If there is an obstacle to the surgery, the surgery can be canceled or the surgery can be performed later by applying the appropriate treatment process for the disease. While our doctor examines the results of your tests, he will give you various information about your operation, so you will find answers to all the questions in your mind.

An important reminder!
This information will already be given to you, but let's say it anyway, solid food consumption should be stopped 12 hours before the surgery and liquid consumption should be stopped 8 hours before the surgery.

After all these procedures are completed, our private driver will take you back to our contracted hotel.

Step 4

Final preparations and that day has come: We are reborn to life

Before you come to the hospital on the day of surgery, you can prepare a special small suitcase for yourself. We recommend that you take comfortable and easy-to-change clothes, preferably short-sleeved t-shirts and shorts. Remember, you will receive serum support during your hospital stay. It would be good to choose your outfit with this in mind. Please note that you will only stay in the hospital for 3 days. If you are using a CPAP device, it may be appropriate to bring your own device with you. You can also bring your special cosmetics such as lip moisturizer, deodorant and care cream. Comfortable clothes and slippers that you can use while walking in the hospital corridors will make it easier for you.

Take all the medicines you use with you, but do not use any of them on the morning of the surgery and you should definitely talk to your doctor about this.

Your medicines will be received by our nurses, and your treatment will be arranged if necessary. Since you will feel fine after the first day of the operation, if you do not want to be bored, you can also take your belongings such as tablets, laptops, phones, books, magazines.

You should stay hungry and thirsty after 00:00 the night before the surgery. This is extremely important as you will receive general anesthesia. If you eat or drink anything on the morning of the surgery, be sure to tell your doctor or assistant. This may cause your surgery to be delayed.

You will stay in the hospital for 3 days during the operation, but you do not need to vacate your hotel room. Your belongings can safely stay at your hotel. Since the hotel is close to the hospital, your companion will be able to go and bring you what you need easily.

The time you need to come to the hospital will be notified to you by phone one day in advance by our coordinator. Our driver will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to our hospital early in the morning on the day of surgery. When you arrive at the hospital, you will be greeted by our coordinator and your hospitalization procedures will be done. 

When you go to your room, your vascular access will be opened by the service nurse and your embolism prevention socks will be put on. For our male patients, abdominal shaving will be done if necessary. You will be re-evaluated by the anesthesiologist who will administer general anesthesia in your room before the surgery. 

Operating room

After the preparations are completed, you will be taken to the operating room at the scheduled time. A sedative injection will be given before leaving the room. A team of anesthetists, nurses and operating room personnel will take care of you in the operating room. The duration of your surgery varies according to the method to be applied. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery takes approximately 1 hour. Gastric Bypass surgery takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. During this time, you will be asleep under the control of our expert anesthesia team, and you will wake up with a significant change for your health.

Recovery Room

After the surgery, you will be taken to the post-anesthesia care room.
‘Hello again!’
You have opened your eyes and maybe you have some pain, however, you have successfully completed an important operation.
Here, anesthesia technicians and nurses will check your condition, and after a waiting period of approximately 45 minutes, you will be taken to your room in the unit.

Step 5

Discharge from the Hospital

Your surgery was successful and you were under observation in the hospital for a certain period of time depending on your surgery.  Now, it's time to be discharged from the hospital and return to your hotel. 

First, your doctor Varol Esatoğlu and your dietitian will perform your checkups and share various information about your new postoperative period with you.

  • Your liquid nutrition process will be explained to you by your bariatric dietitian.

  • You will be given the drugs you need to use after the surgery and your bariatric dietitian will explain how to use these drugs.

  • Your doctor, Varol Esatoğlu, will do your final checks before you are discharged from the hospital.

After your doctor and dietitian give the necessary approval, you will return to your hotel.

Step 6

Final Check-ups

4 days after discharge from the hospital, you will be taken to the hospital by our VIP transfer vehicle from our contracted hotel for final check-ups. Your doctor, Varol Esatoğlu, and your dietitian will examine you to see if everything is okay before you return home.

  • Your general health checks will be done and your surgical stitches will be checked.
  • Your bariatric dietitian will measure your body mass index and share with you the diet program you should follow in your next life.

You are now ready for a new beginning for your life.

Step 7

Returning Home

We will miss you very much and I hope we will see you again with a much healthier and smiling face and a brand new body.

After 9 wonderful days, now it's time to reunite with your loved ones.
They missed you so much!

According to your flight time, our private driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the airport. You can contact us at any time during the post-operative follow-up process. We will meet for many years and we will always be with you in this success-oriented journey to regain your health.

We hope you come for a holiday, too.
We will always be here.


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