Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risky?
Any surgical procedure carries a greater or lesser degree of risk. The most important risk in Gastric Sleeve Surgery is the risk of leakage. This risk; It is quite low if an experienced surgeon performs the surgery with the appropriate equipment.

What are the Symptoms of Leakage After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
In Gastric Sleeve surgery, most of the stomach is cut and removed and the remaining stomach wall is reattached with special staples. Leakage of stomach contents into the abdomen from these areas joined with staples is called leakage.

Leakage symptoms are usually high fever, abdominal pain, palpitations, shortness of breath and low blood pressure. If you have such symptoms and you have been discharged, you should definitely contact your doctor.

What is Leak Treatment After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
In cases where leakage occurs after Gastric Sleeve surgery, the treatment is not always surgical. In some cases, endoscopic methods can be extremely successful. Sometimes, the leakage problem can be resolved by radiological methods.

When can a person who has gastric sleeve surgery return to his social life?
The hospital stay after the operation is between 2-3 days. Patients who have a successful operation and feel good can return to their work life 5 days after the operation, according to their preferences. In fact, if the patient wishes, he can go out at night with his friends and spend time at the cinema or similar places. However, it is very important to follow the post-operative nutritional rules in this process.

Does Stomach Enlarge After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
After Gastric Sleeve, some enlargement of the stomach is a natural process. However, too much growth in the volume of the stomach can cause the weight to be regained. There is no need for the stomach to return to its former volume in order for the patient to return to his old weight. Failure to comply with the correct nutrition rules and not regulating the lifestyle after Gastric Sleeve surgery paves the way for the growth of the stomach. The most important nutritional mistake is the consumption of carbonated drinks and the consumption of solid and liquid foods at the same time.

Is It Inconvenient to Lift Weights After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
There is no harm in lifting heavy weights in the long term after laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve surgeries. However, it is not appropriate for the patient to be under very heavy loads in the first days of the surgery. Even in the early period, there is no problem in the patient's normal daily activities such as carrying a bag and going up and down the stairs.

How should sexual intercourse be after gastric sleeve surgery?
The patient can return to his sexual life 1 week after Gastric Sleeve.

Tube Stomach Surgery (Gastric Sleeve Surgery) What are the factors affecting the price?
There are several factors that determine the price of Gastric Sleeve surgery. It is important to choose a well-equipped hospital for complications that may occur after Gastric Sleeve surgery, and the expenses of these hospitals are naturally higher. In addition, the quality of the material used affects the price of Gastric Sleeve surgery. The length of stay in the hospital and intensive care unit after the operation is also among the factors affecting the price of Gastric Sleeve surgery. The price of gastric sleeve surgery may vary for patients who need to be kept under control in the intensive care unit.

What is the Difference Between Tube Stomach Surgery and Gastric Bypass?
In gastric bypass surgery, the stomach volume is reduced as in Gastric Sleeve surgery. However, in Gastric Bypass surgery, the stomach is divided into two and a part that is divided is connected to the middle of the intestine. With this surgical procedure, food does not pass through the 12 finger intestines. In tube stomach, there is no change in the progress of food in the digestive system.

Successful results are obtained in both tube stomach surgery and gastric bypass surgery for weight loss. However, gastric bypass surgery is more effective for Type 2 diabetes. Gastric bypass operations give more satisfactory results in patients with gastric reflux problems.

Is Constipation Experienced After Tube Stomach Surgery (Gastric Sleeve Surgery)?
Whether constipation is experienced after Gastric Sleeve surgery is related to nutrition. If the patient pays attention to his diet after the operation, constipation is not experienced. Constipation can be seen in patients who do not pay attention to their diet, do not drink enough water and do not take enough fiber food.

When can you take a shower after Bariatric Surgery?
After the drain of the patient is removed on the 2nd day after the operation, it is possible to take a shower.

How will coffee consumption be after Obesity Surgery?
It is not recommended for the first month, then it can be drunk by adding milk.

How should the consumption of acidic carbonated drinks be after Gastric Sleeve surgery?
Consumption of acidic carbonated drinks such as cola, soda and soda after Gastric Sleeve is not recommended as in every healthy individual.

When can I consume alcohol after surgery?
It is not recommended for the first year. Although it is not recommended afterwards, social drinkers should not prefer carbonated, sparkling alcohols (beer, champagne, etc.) when alcohol consumption is free.


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