Gastric Botox

Can I have gastric botox during pregnancy?
Although stomach botox is a common weight loss method applied all over the world, it is not preferred because there are not many scientific studies about whether it can be done during pregnancy.

How long is the surveillance period after gastric botox?
Stomach botox is a very short application and it takes very little time to adapt to daily life. Although pain, nausea or other side effects are not very common, patients are kept under observation for approximately 1-2 hours after the operation, just in case. At the end of this period, the patient is discharged and can continue his life.

Does gastric botox carry weight loss guarantee?
Stomach is a method that helps to lose weight. It is a method preferred by people who are overweight when they cannot lose weight alone with diet or sports. Stomach botox restricts the work of the stomach muscles and creates a feeling of fullness for a longer time. After stomach botox, the patient cannot lose weight alone with this surgery. If the process is not continued with a diet program and exercise program that is compatible with the person, accompanied by a dietitian after the surgery, botox alone cannot be beneficial. Therefore, stomach botox alone does not guarantee weight loss; but it is a very effective aid in weight loss.

Will there be permanent damage to my stomach after gastric botox surgery?
Although it is a very common operation in the world and in our country, no serious complaints have been encountered except for mild side effects. There is no permanent effect on the patient, both because the effects of the drugs used in the surgery leave the body in 6 months and because there are no surgical operations with incisions like other weight loss methods. The effect of stomach botox is valid between 4 and 6 months and after this period, its effect disappears.

Is there an age limit for gastric botox surgery?
There is no age limit for people who will have stomach botox; However, in order to apply the treatment, the patient must meet certain criteria such as body mass index, genetic status and diseases that may prevent it.

How should I eat after surgery?
One of the most important factors in the success of stomach botox surgery is the post-operative diet. Fatty, sugary and acidic food drinks that will reduce the effect of botox in the presence of a dietitian; Fast-consuming ready-to-eat foods such as fast food should not be consumed.

When will I start to see the effect of gastric botox surgery?
Stomach botox surgery is completed after approximately 2 hours, together with the observation process, and the patient's post-treatment planning begins on the same day; but the full effect of botox is seen in the stomach in approximately 2-3 days.

Is gastric botox surgery a painful and painful procedure?
Stomach botox surgery is an endoscopic procedure performed by applying anesthesia; therefore, no pain or pain is felt during the procedure. It is also less likely to feel pain or pain after the procedure, which takes approximately 20 minutes. Pain or pain that may occur due to an allergic condition or a different reason is a temporary and easy to treat problem.

What is the difference between gastric botox and gastric balloon?
Gastric balloon is also an endoscopic method applied to lose weight like stomach botox; however, the volume of the gastric balloon must be adjusted according to the patient, and this situation requires more than one endoscopy procedure. Stomach botox has an appetite reduction effect in a period of up to 6 months and is a method with almost less side effects. In addition, since the gastric balloon is found as a foreign body in the stomach, it causes pain and nausea from time to time. Stomach botox is the most suitable method in weight loss methods both in terms of cost, time and effect.

What is the weight limit in gastric botox surgery?
Stomach botox is not applied to obese patients with a body mass index over 40. Persons between the ages of 18-30 who are approximately 15-20 kilos more than their normal weight, and who do not have any disease, are the most suitable patient profile.

How does gastric botox weaken?
Stomach botox is the injection of botulinum toxin obtained from Clostridium Botulinum bacteria into the stomach muscles by endoscopic method to restrict the function of the stomach muscles. Since this situation limits the contraction of the stomach muscles, it causes the food in the stomach to be digested for a longer time, thus causing the person to experience a feeling of fullness for a longer time. The patient experiences a quality weight loss process with the help of nutrition and sports exercises within 6 months, during which the effect of botox will last, and then gains a habit of this situation.

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