What are the Risks of Bariatric Surgery?

What are the Risks of Bariatric Surgery?

The most basic goal of surgical procedures is to prolong human life and open the doors of a much healthier, higher quality and enjoyable life. Of course, every surgical procedure carries some risks.

It should be noted that the risks associated with obesity are significantly higher than the risks of bariatric surgery. The essence of the matter is that the life is much healthier and the risks are much less for individuals who get rid of their excess weight after obesity operations.

Before the bariatric surgery, all the risks are explained to the patients in detail by the doctors who will perform the operation.

Now, if you want, let us give you some information about these risks.

Obesity (bariatric) surgical operations have risks related to leakage, clot formation in the legs and pulmonary embolism, bleeding and anesthesia. Leakage is rarely seen after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric reduction, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, transit bipartition operations, which we define as bariatric surgery.

Let's not forget that the risks that may occur due to anesthesia are valid for all surgeries and are not specific to bariatric surgery. Before each surgery, patients undergo a comprehensive examination against all these risks.

Leakage risk: Possible to treat.

It is known as the biggest risk of obesity surgery. However, treatment is possible. The leak is manifested by high fever, severe back pain, chills, sweating, abdominal pain, and early diagnosis is vital. When diagnosed, this risk is eliminated and the patient regains his health, thanks to the stent or clip inserted endoscopically.

Clots and hematomas that may occur in the body are tried to be removed with a drain and the patient is relieved. Leakage problem is known as the discharge of the liquid in the stomach to the abdominal region over the staple line after the stomach is cut and sutured.


Patients can regain their health in a very short time thanks to the treatments performed by specialist physicians for bleeding that can be seen at the edge of the staple lines after obesity (bariatric) surgical operations.

Embolism: Overweight people live with this risk.

Among the risks of obesity (bariatric) surgery, clot formation in the legs and embolism in the lungs is a risk due to excess weight. This risk is always present in the daily lives of people with a body mass index of 35 and above. These risks are minimized by blood thinning needles and embolism socks worn after the surgery.

For individuals who get rid of their excess weight after obesity operations, life is much healthier and the risks are much less.

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