Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery

Wrong Surgery increases the risk of suicide. Actually Depression or anxiety disorders are common in obese/overly obese individuals applying for bariatric surgery. This is generally seen as the reason for this being that the...

What are the Risks of Bariatric Surgery?

The most basic goal of surgical procedures is to prolong human life and open the doors of a much healthier, higher quality and enjoyable life. Of course, every surgical procedure carries some risks. It should be noted that the risks ...

Smoking and Alcohol in Bariatric Surgery

You want to reach your ideal weight for a healthy life, get rid of obesity and start a new life. Take another step towards such a 'rebirth'. If you use cigarettes and tobacco products, quit. Do not risk the future of yourself and your love...

Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

Exercise and sports are actions that increase our quality of life, rest our souls and are known to benefit human health. They are often neglected, not taken seriously, not an unshakable element in our daily schedule. We say ‘I...

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