Aesthetics After Bariatric Surgery

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"Post Bariatric Surgery"

Our skin, which is excessive and tight when we are fat, sags, folds and loosens with weight loss after bariatric surgery. At this point, aesthetic procedures, namely post-bariatric surgery, comes into play.

 “Obesity” is not only your problem but the world's problem.

Obesity is the most common disease today.

We eat much more irregularly, we move much less.

We're getting oily!

We lose our health and shorten our lifespan.

That's why we have serious options in front of us to regain both our body and soul.

The work does not end with getting rid of our weight.

Of course, we want to have a much more aesthetic body.

Let's say "health first".

Because this is the most important “beauty”!

Of course, we also have solutions for your "aesthetic" concerns!

Don’t forget!
Aesthetic surgeries performed after bariatric surgery are complementary to bariatric surgery.

Obesity, or with its scientific name, bariatric surgery, is frequently applied to solve overweight and its accompanying diseases. Operations such as stomach reduction, gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy make many people reconnect to life.

After these procedures, people quickly lose weight and regain their health.
However, mostly the skin does not accompany this slimming.
Our skin, which is excessive and tight when we are fat, sags, folds and loosens with weight loss after bariatric surgery.
At this point, aesthetic procedures after surgery, namely post-bariatric surgery, comes into play.

With post bariatric surgical procedures, sagging areas of the body can be reshaped.

Sagging in the breasts, abdomen, arms and legs, hips and back are problems that significantly affect the comfort of life of the person, and these sagging can be recovered with more than one operation. The order of these operations is determined by the decisions that the doctor and the patient will take together.

Aesthetic surgeries performed after bariatric surgery are complementary to bariatric surgery. These surgeries provide physical transformation of people who lose weight by eliminating their aesthetic appearance disorders and help people to return to social life happily with their aesthetic appearance. Aesthetic surgeries performed after bariatric surgery cannot be considered separately from bariatric surgery.

How Long After Bariatric Surgery Can Aesthetic Surgeries Be Performed?

Important information:
You should not have plastic surgery during the weight loss phase.

There are some criteria for starting aesthetic procedures after bariatric surgery:

  1. At least 15 months must have passed since the bariatric surgery.

  2. You must have lost all the weight you targeted after bariatric surgery.

  3. After losing weight, you should wait for 3 months for your body to balance and your skin to recover a little.

People who lose weight rapidly after bariatric surgery usually hurry and want to start aesthetic interventions as soon as possible. It is very important to be patient and wait until you lose all the weight. Early actions may require revision in the future.

For Which Patients Are Body Shaping Surgery Suitable?

  • Those with a Body Mass index below 30.

  • Those who have completed the weight loss process.

  • Those who do not have health problems that will affect wound healing and general condition.

  • Those whose mental state and morale can withstand a series of surgeries.

  • Non-smokers.

  • Those who have accurate and realistic expectations about the results of the surgery.

  • Patients who can fulfill healthy diet and exercise conditions after surgery.

Which Surgeries Can Be Performed After Bariatric Surgery?

These surgeries are mostly performed under general anesthesia. The amount of incisions to be made varies according to the amount of drooping tissue and the surgical method decided by the doctor and the patient. Surgical scars are tried to be left in places suitable for body folds as much as possible. It is not possible to perform all of these surgeries in the same session. The patient and the surgeon decide together in which order the surgeries should be performed.

The abdomen, waist and outer parts of the legs are usually corrected in the same session. These operations are usually performed in the lower part of the abdomen, through a belt-like incision that covers the whole body.

Sagging breasts can also be corrected with various personalized methods. During breast lift, the patient's own tissues can be used as well as breast implants.

The sagging in the arms are removed with incisions made from the inner part of the arm facing the body.
Unless there is weight gain and loss again, the results are permanent.

What are the Body Shaping Operations Applied After Obesity Treatment?

  • Breast Lift and Augmentation

  • Abdominoplasty

  • Brachioplasty

  • Leg Lift

  • Gluteoplasty

  • 360 Degrees Body Lift

  • Back Lift

  • Face and Neck Lift

  • Genital Lift

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